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BELL Labs Prize for International Students USA, 2025/2024 –

Bell Laboratories, formerly known as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc, under the name Bell Labs, in full Nokia Bell Labs, the research and development arm of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), by which it has long been referred to. It is currently operated by Finnish telecommunications company Nokia. The laboratory’s main office is located in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Bell Labs researchers are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the photocell, the charge-coupled device, information theory, the Unix operating system, and the programming languages ​​B, C, C++, S, SNOBOL, OK, AMPL and others. Nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work done at Bell Laboratories.

Nokia Bell Labs designs the future of technology and continually seeks opportunities to advance, transform and accelerate communications, by addressing human concerns ahead of their time. Since its inception, the organization has produced thousands of scientific and technical innovations and developed the first synchronized sound system for motion pictures. Today it represents a global alliance of the world’s brightest minds, committed to a common perspective.


Scholarship Description:

  • Host university: Nokia Bell Laboratories;
  • Host country: United States of America;
  • Level of study: Postgraduate level;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial financing;
  • Scholarship Worth: $100,000;
  • Eligible countries: international students;
  • Available topics: All topics;
  • Registration deadline: April 1, 2025.

The Bell Labs Award is available to international students (postgraduate level) in all fields to pursue their studies at Nokia Bell Labs in the USA.

Scholarship Benefits:

3 nominees will be awarded the above awards, as well as a one-time opportunity to join the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs in order to expand on their unique vision:

  • $100,000: for the first prize;
  • $50,000: for the second prize;
  • $25,000: for the third prize.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • In order to gain approval, candidates must take full ownership of their ideas.
  • Candidates must be 21 years or older and can be interns from Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs or their affiliates. They may compete in teams of up to four people, provided that each team member meets all eligibility requirements.

Application process:

Interested applicants can inquire about the application process: https://bell-labs.smapply.io/prog/2023_bell_labs_prize/ All qualified candidates will be considered.

Supporting documents:

All candidates must submit a maximum of 250 words for their idea.


Admission Requirements:

Candidates are required to have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

Language status:

Participants must be confident in the language of instruction.

Official Website:

For more details, please visit the official website: https://www.bell-labs.com/collaboration-opportunities/prize/bell-labs-prize-2025/

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