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Information about Osspeldung Dental Assistant

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Osspeldung Dental Assistant The profession of a dental assistant is to prepare fillings required by the doctor and take X-rays for patients requiring imaging, as well as sterilize any tools required by the doctor.

Ospeldung dental assistant

The dental assistant also registers private bills, communicates with health insurers and also sterilizes examination rooms or operating rooms.

Ospeldung dental assistant
Ospeldung dental assistant

Duration of study for the profession of dental assistant

The duration of study in this profession is three years, and the type of training in this profession is dual vocational training, that is, theory lessons and practical lessons, theory lessons in schools and science lessons in places belonging to these schools.

The main conditions for applying for the dental assistant profession

1- From an educational point of view, the preparatory certificate is sufficient to apply for this profession.

2- He should be familiar with some tools he will use.

3- The German language is essential and the level must be at least B2.

The topics included in the study

The applicant will study a lot in this profession:

1- German language.

2- Mathematics.

3- Biology.

4- Physics.

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Ospeldung dental assistant
Ospeldung dental assistant

Salary during the training and after graduation

The salary is divided by the number of years of study:

1- The first year the salary will be from 600 euros to 820 euros per month.

2- The second year, the salary will vary from 650 euros to 870 euros per month.

3- The third year will be the salary from 735 euros to 920 euros.

workplaces after graduation

After you graduate and obtain a certificate in this profession, you can work in the following places:

1- Dental clinics.

2- In hospitals.

Salary after graduation:

After graduation, the salary varies from place to place and depending on the place of vocational training, but the average salary range starts at 1645 euros and reaches 2101 euros per month, and with increasing experience and working hours, your salary will increase.

How do I apply for Osspeldung Dental Assistant?

From your email, search the website of one of the Ospeldong companies and review the required terms and conditions Fill the form with the correct information and send it to the company’s website Then wait for the reply After approval, prepare travel papers and prepare prepare you for the training for this profession.

Ospeldung dental assistant
Ospeldung dental assistant

This is an easy and fun profession, but it requires quick focus and movement. If you like this profession and want to practice this profession, all you have to do is register with Dentist Assistant Ospeldong.

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