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Top 10 maternity gifts 2023

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  • 1 Birthday gifts
    • 1.1 10- Design labels for baby items
    • 1.2 9- Design a banner to welcome the newborn
    • 1.3 8- Designing a guest book for the newborn
    • 1.4 7- Bring the strainer
    • 1.5 6- Decorate the baby’s bed
    • 1.6 5- Manual breast pump
    • 1.7 4- Mobile Caricature
    • 1.8 3- Baby monitor
    • 1.9 2- The bouncer for babies
    • 1.10 1- Baby carrier

The week is one of the most important happy occasions that we prefer to celebrate in a beautiful way that makes us feel joy and happiness to receive that new baby that we are waiting for, and there are some rituals and regular methods that we do to celebrate this baby welcome, and we are also thinking of buying a gift for the new baby. We are much looking for the best gifts to suit the child at that young age, especially if we have not gone through a similar experience before, and in this article, we will get to know the 10 best gifts for a boy’s week, some of them knowing details regarding each gift individually to make a purchase decision that can. It is sometimes confusing, but the best thing is to buy a practical gift that the mother needs at that moment, and we will list some of these practical gifts for you.

Birthday gifts

10- Label design for baby items

Label design for baby items

Baby items stickers are among the top 10 gifts for a boy’s week because these stickers add a sense of joy to the place in addition to making the people around the newborn feel happy to receive that new baby. designed in an attractive and beautiful way as follows:-

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  • We buy multicolored and shaped cardboard and then we shape that paper into the shape we want.
  • There are many ideas for making this paper, so you can design some baby items, such as designing bottle shape and baby pacifier shape, in addition to making baby clothes shapes.
  • After designing an item for the baby, we stick it on the walls or on a stick used in the kitchen for kofta or shish tawook, and then it is placed on the doors and walls.

9- Baby shower banner design

Baby shower banner design
Baby shower banner design

Baby welcome banners are among the top 10 baby shower gifts, which can be placed in any prominent part of the house, such as the living room or baby’s room. Among the main features of the baby welcome banner design are as follows:

  • The baby welcome banner can be designed by using any type of cardboard, which is glossy, and then welcome is written on the banner with cardboard, but in a different color.
  • You can choose blue color for boys and pink color for girls, and the banner can be placed on the door of the baby room, and the baby can be photographed with this banner, because it is regarded as one of the sweet memories for the baby .
  • Cardboard can be made with the child’s name and a story in the form of raindrops.

8- Design a guest book for a newborn

Design a guest book for a newborn
Design a guest book for a newborn

The guest book is considered one of the top 10 gifts for a boy’s week because it adds a sense of fun and joy to everyone around the baby, which remains one of the child’s happy memories until the child grows up and becomes a child is going to be. young man.

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And you can write some nice words for the memories when you welcome that new baby.

A guest book can be designed for a newborn from wood, then various forms of cardboard are placed on it and a set of papers is placed inside.

7- Bring the strainer

Bring the strainer
Bring the strainer
  • The sieve is one of the basic principles of observing the week in most Arab countries, Egypt being the most important.
  • There are many shapes of sieves for boys and girls, including milky, pink and other cheerful and beautiful colors, which are characterized by the presence of decorations inside, but it is better not to shake and wave the child, because this can cause damage to him.

6- Decorate the baby cot

Decorate the baby cot
Decorate the baby cot

The baby bed is one of the most joyful things parents feel about the arrival of a new baby. Therefore, one of the best gifts that can be given to a newborn is to decorate his bed in a beautiful and cheerful way. important features of furnishing a baby cot are the following:

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  • If the newborn is a boy, he prefers to decorate the bed in blue or baby blue, as it makes his appearance attractive.
  • A group of balloons can be placed on it, such as balloons saying welcome baby and others.

5- Manual breast pump

Manual breast pump
Manual breast pump

The manual breast pump is also considered as one of the most important gifts for the mother as it helps her to take care of the child and take care of his food at all times. Among the main features are the following:

  • A manual breast pump is useful for mothers who have to leave the baby alone for a long time.
  • Buying a manual breast pump can also be a great gift for a newborn as it is important to keep the baby fed at that age.

4- Mobile caricature

Mobile caricature
Mobile caricature

The portable caricature is considered as one of the best that can be offered when a new baby arrives mainly because it greatly helps the child to move around without feeling disturbed or tired when carrying it.One of the main features of the portable caricature are the following :

  • Baby Caricot helps keep the baby in a healthy position and they can sleep easily in it.
  • The karikot can be easily transported in the car, because it is equipped with a holder.

3- Baby monitoruntil

Baby monitor
Baby monitor

The baby monitor is in the top 10 baby gifts because it helps the mother to see the children at all times, monitor them and take care of them in the best way. There are many types of baby monitors, but they all play the same role. Among the main features of this gift are the following:

  • The baby monitor is one of the best and most important devices that parents can use to keep an eye on their children at home.
  • The baby monitor is easy to operate and handle in an organized manner in terms of usage time and so on.
  • Baby monitors are characterized by the presence of both visual and audio types at the same time.

2- bouncer rocking chair

rocking chair
rocking chair
  • The rocking chair is also one of the best gifts of the week as it greatly helps the child to sleep as it calms him down greatly which helps the mother to accomplish her daily tasks.
  • The rocking chair features a set of toys in addition to children’s music.

1- Pram


When a new baby arrives, mothers look for the things the child needs, and the baby carrier is considered one of the top 10 gifts for a boy’s week, which cannot be left out as it helps the child’s mother in performing many daily tasks, and one of the main features of the baby carrier are the following:

  • Many mothers are looking for a comfortable baby carrier suitable for all their daily use, so it is one of the most suitable gifts that friends and relatives can buy as a gift for a newborn.
  • The baby carrier is a great help for the mother in carrying the baby while doing the housework without feeling tired, besides, it also helps to take the kids while shopping.
  • The baby carrier can be bought as an ideal gift needed by the mother from the age of the child until the child reaches the first year.

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