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Top 10 types of glass cleaners 2023

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  • 1 Important tips for the best results when cleaning glass
    • 1.1 glass cleaner
    • 1.2 10- Brix cleaner
    • 1.3 9- Glassy glass cleaner
    • 1.4 8- Jif glass cleaner
    • 1.5 7- Green clean
    • 1.6 6- Windex cleaner
    • 1.7 5- Maxell Magic Crystal Plus Ocean Glass Cleaner
    • 1.8 4-Clean cleaner
    • 1.9 3-DAC/DAC
    • 1.10 2- Breeka glass cleaner and polisher
    • 1.11 1- Dettol

Glass surfaces are more sensitive to dust and dirt and require continuous cleaning and polishing, prompting many women to look for the best materials to clean and polish glass effectively and quickly. So, through our article, we will learn more about the 10 best types of glass cleaners.

Important tips for the best results when cleaning glass

  • Preferably clean the glass when it is cloudy and not in the afternoon, because in hot weather the cleaner dries quickly and leaves streaks on the glass.
  • The glass should be polished and wiped from top to bottom.
  • It is preferable to wipe the glass with a clean cloth to remove dust before using the glass cleaner.
  • It is best to use ammonia-based glass cleaner and steer clear of acidic and alkaline cleaners.

glass cleaner

10- Brix cleaner

Brix cleaner
  • Brix Cleaner with its unique formula cleans and polishes glass and surfaces from dust without leaving traces.
  • It is characterized by its powerful and effective properties that not only remove dust, but also allow it to be absorbed quickly.
  • With a fragrant refreshing scent.
  • It does not irritate the nose or cough.
  • Brix Power Shine Cleaner removes oil, grease and grime to reveal clean, shiny surfaces.
  • Brix cleaner is used for all glass surfaces, window grilles, toilets, TVs, kitchen cabinets and floors.

The price of Brix Glass Cleaner – Lemon Scent – 500 ml is 18.95 euros.

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9- Glassy glass cleaner

Glassy glass cleaner
Glassy glass cleaner
  • If you think you can’t clean glass surfaces easily, I recommend Glassy.
  • Glassy Cleaner helps you keep fingerprints, dirt, toothpaste stains and smog on your glass surfaces with ease.
  • Glassy cleaner is characterized by its formula that does not contain ammonia.
  • Does not leave any residue or streaks.
  • Safe on windows, mirrors, chrome and stoves.

The price of Glassy Glass Polish Spray- 600ml is £20.

8- Jif glass cleaner

Jif glass cleaner
Jif glass cleaner
  • With Jif cleaner you have beautiful, shiny glass surfaces in just 10 seconds.
  • Jif is a powerful 100% effective stain and dirt remover.
  • It cleans glass surfaces easily.

The price of Jif Glass Cleaner Spray 500 ml is about 25 euros.

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7- Green clean

Green Clean
Green Clean
  • Green Clean Glass Cleaner is a safe daily cleaner.
  • Green Clean gives your surfaces a shinier appearance.
  • Fast-acting cleaner ideal for windows and glass surfaces.
  • Dissolves dirt and gives surfaces a long-lasting, glossy shine.
  • Helps keep glass surfaces free of dirt and leaves them streak-free and shiny.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • It is available in refreshing scents such as Green Clean rose scented laundry detergent and Green Clean lemon scented laundry detergent.
  • Green is applied in a very simple and easy way by spraying the product on the surfaces and then wiping it off with a clean cloth.

The price of Green Clean Glass Cleaner Spray-Rose 690 ml is £27.

6- Windex cleaner

Windex cleaner
Windex cleaner
  • Windex cleaner is among the top 10 types of glass cleaners, as it is characterized by its unique formula that gives your window pane an unparalleled glossy appearance.
  • It removes smudges and fingerprints.
  • Removes grease residues.
  • Refreshing original scent.
  • easy to use.

The price of the original Windex glass cleaner, 500 ml, is £31.

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5- Maxell Magic Crystal Ocean glass cleaner / Max magic Crystal Plus Ocean Glass cleaner

Maxell Magic Crystal Ocean glass cleaner
Maxell Magic Crystal Ocean glass cleaner
  • Maxell Glass Cleaner is one of the necessary household cleaners to remove dust and germs accumulated on glass surfaces.
  • It removes the most stubborn stains and accumulated dirt.
  • It gives you effortless glass cleaning, sparkle and shine.

The price of Maxell Magic Crystal Ocean Glass Cleaner – 700ml is £35.25.

4- Clean / to clean

Clean cleaner
Clean cleaner
  • Clean cleaner specially designed for mirrors, windows and glass surfaces.
  • Clean Cleaner is a great solution for cleaning glass and windows from fingerprints and smudges.
  • Leave your home sparkling and streak-free.
  • With Clean Cleaner you can easily clean the windows of your car.
  • Smells great.

The price of Clean Glass Cleaner with lavender scent is £35.


a D
a D
  • Duck Glass Cleaner ensures effective and spotless cleaning of glass windows and mirrors and can also be used on other surfaces such as marble, sanitary ware, tiles and plastic.
  • DAC Glass Cleaner gives you a brilliant shine without residue or scratches.
  • DAC gives you a long-lasting clean and shiny finish.
  • It is easy to use, all you need to do is point the spray at the surfaces, spray and then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • DAC comes in different types, including DAC All Purpose Cleaner with Lemon Scent, DAC Kitchen Cleaner, DAC Bathroom Cleaner and DAC Glass Cleaner.

The price of Dac Glass Cleaner 400 ml is about 50 euros.

2- Breeka glass cleaner and polisher

Luster glass cleaner and polisher
Luster glass cleaner and polisher
  • Luster is a trusted product and a great solution to brighten up your home.
  • It has a strong and effective effect for cleaning glass surfaces from smudges and dirt, in addition to fingerprints and fine lines.
  • Be sure to continuously clean the glass surfaces to maintain their shine and shine.
  • Removes dirt and gives you 2x more shine than regular cleaners.
  • Brilliant is used for colored and non-colored glass surfaces, mirrors, panes of glass, car windows, in addition to refrigerators and safes.

The price of Brilliant Glass Cleaner and Polisher 3.5 Liter + 650ml Free is about £67.

1- Dettol

  • Dettol Glass Cleaner is characterized by its powerful triple action to remove and completely remove the most stubborn grease.
  • Dettol helps prevent infections for you and your family as it kills 99.9% of surface germs.
  • It gives brilliance and shine without leaving traces on the glass.
  • It is characterized by its ideal performance and satisfactory stain removal results.
  • Dettol contains a range of ingredients that ensure effective cleaning and a fresh scent.

You can use Dettol glass cleaner in the following way:-

  • Spray Dettol on the surface of the glass.
  • Let stand for 5 minutes.
  • Then just use a clean cloth to wipe the surface.
  • It is not necessary to rinse it with water.
  • Care should be taken not to get the product in the eyes or be swallowed.

The price of Dettol glass cleaner 500 ml is about 75 euros.

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