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Types of asylum in Germany are requested by those who want to immigrate to Germany through asylum, because asylum is one of the most common reasons why some nationalities travel to Germany, which is why the state grants them many privileges in case they get the citizenship, and here we will learn about the different types of asylum and its benefits.

Types of asylum in Germany
Types of asylum in Germany

Types of asylum in Germany

Asylum in Germany is divided into different types and is requested based on special requests, namely:

humanitarian asylum:

This type of asylum in Germany includes people exposed to attacks, wars or violence in their country of origin or when exposed to natural disasters.

Political Asylum:

People who are politically persecuted in their country apply for asylum.

Ways to apply for asylum in Germany

Among the ways you can apply for asylum in Germany are the following:

First request:

This type of asylum is submitted to those who come to Germany for the first time and this application can be made in writing or orally.

This type of asylum in Germany is against protection from deportation or political persecution, fleeing persecution or serious danger.

This type of asylum application is submitted to refugee reception centers or departments of the Federal Office.

Response request:

If the first application is rejected outright, the asylum seeker can submit a reciprocal application. This application is a follow-up application.

However, it should be noted that the file will not be reopened to apply for asylum unless certain conditions are met, in which case the first application will be assessed.

Second request:

If the first asylum application in Germany is categorically rejected, he will submit a second asylum application according to the German asylum law.

Some countries of the European Union, such as Switzerland and Norway, are among the safe countries that do not have the right to seek asylum in Germany.

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Cases of refusal of asylum to Germany

It is not necessary for all asylum applications to Germany to be approved, as there are some cases in which the asylum application can be rejected, namely:

  • If the asylum seeker is in a safe country, the list of these countries is continuously updated.
  • Those who apply for asylum for financial reasons, and the refusal of admission will be sent with a translator in the person’s original language and German language.
Types of asylum in Germany
Types of asylum in Germany

Benefits of asylum in Germany

In addition to learning about the types of shelter in Germany, shelter offers the owner many benefits, including:

  • The right to work or study.
  • In addition to the right to material or social assistance or comprehensive health insurance.
  • The right to reside in Germany and obtain a legal residence that provides many benefits to the owner.
  • If a problem arises with the person, he has to resort to the Levantine Commission for Refugees to obtain his right.
  • Germany is one of the countries that offers stability and security to those living in its territory, and this is what the refugee fleeing his hometown is looking for.

Disadvantages of asylum in Germany

Despite the many benefits of asylum in Germany, asylum in Germany can have some drawbacks, including:

  • The refugee to Germany struggles to learn the German language easily as it is one of the difficult languages.
  • Also, finding accommodation in Germany can be difficult, take a lot of time and cost a lot of money in some places.
  • Official papers requiring permanent residence and an address for the resident can provide the refugee with a period of time.
  • Cold weather, especially for those who are not used to living in this weather.
  • Many of the homes made available to refugees do not have a kitchen, which saves them the trouble of living in them.
  • Most restaurants and shops close early, so the refugee has to get used to the way of life in Germany.

Forms of protection related to asylum in Germany

There are some advantages and forms that an asylum seeker in Germany benefits from, namely:

The right to asylum in Germany:

Asylum is granted to people who are politically persecuted or are in serious danger of remaining in their own country

The right to asylum is also granted if a person has been imprisoned because of his nationality, religion, religious or political opinion or membership of a particular group.

refugee protection:

The right to protection is granted to those who have obtained asylum, with the persons and victims who have gone through a problem in their country, according to what is stated in the Geneva Convention.

Sub protection:

Subsidiary protection is one of the types of protection that Germany offers to people who are granted asylum.

Subsidiary protection includes protection against the threat of the death penalty, the threat of torture or violence.

Ban on expulsion:

Prohibiting deportation is one of the protections granted to those who are granted asylum and cannot be deported for any reason; Because their departure from Germany and their return to their country could endanger their lives.

Types of asylum in Germany
Types of asylum in Germany

Finally, after getting acquainted with the types of asylum in Germany, we got to know the methods by which the application for asylum is made, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of asylum in Germany and the privileges and protections granted to those who have already been granted permission obtained for asylum.

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