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The vibrant city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA is home to the famous University of Michigan, commonly known as UM. Known for its academic excellence and pioneering research, UM offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs covering different fields. The university’s commitment to promoting innovation and critical thinking ensures that students receive a rigorous education, preparing them for success in their chosen paths.

The campus has a combination of beautiful scenery and modern facilities, making it a great place to learn and develop. The UM community is like a colorful tapestry, made up of people from different countries, including students, teachers and staff. This mix of people creates an exciting atmosphere for learning and experiencing different cultures.


The institution’s dedication to research has led to significant advances in disciplines such as medicine, engineering, and the social sciences. Outside of academics, UM prides itself on its strong athletic programs, particularly in football and basketball, and engages with the local community through outreach initiatives, promoting collaboration and positive impact.

Scholarship Description:

  • Host university: University of Michigan;
  • Host country: United States of America;
  • Level of study: Undergraduate programmes;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial financing;
  • Scholarship Worth: Check out the details below;
  • Eligible countries: National and international students;
  • Available topics: All topics;
  • Registration deadline: The scholarship is open.

A range of undergraduate scholarships provide a foundation for students as they embark on their academic journeys, paving the way for their future achievements. These scholarships are primarily merit-based and are designed to recognize outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential, and the promise of making meaningful contributions to the campus community. For international students aspiring to higher education, UM-Dearborn provides a beacon of hope.

Located in a vibrant, natural setting in Dearborn, Michigan, the university’s range of undergraduate scholarships not only alleviates financial concerns but also paves the way for personal and academic growth. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the myriad aspects of undergraduate scholarships at UM-Dearborn, providing international students with the clarity and confidence to explore these opportunities.

Scholarship benefits

Scholarships are more than just money; They are an essential part of the UM-Dearborn community. Those who receive scholarships become part of a diverse group that includes excellent teachers, active colleagues, and many activities outside the classroom that help them grow personally and professionally.


Eligibility requirements

While specific eligibility criteria may vary across scholarships, they typically focus on academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to enriching the campus community.

Application process

The scholarship application process at UM-Dearborn involves submitting an online application through the university’s designated portal. This typically includes academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a carefully prepared personal statement detailing the applicant’s accomplishments, aspirations, and reasons for choosing UM-Dearborn.

Supporting documents

Applicants are expected to submit academic transcripts showcasing their accomplishments, letters of recommendation providing insights into their character and potential, and a well-researched personal statement that reflects their goals and aligns with UM-Dearborn’s values.

Admission Requirements

In addition to scholarship applications, international students must meet UM-Dearborn admission requirements. These tests often include standardized test scores (such as the SAT or ACT) and language proficiency exams (such as the TOEFL or IELTS). Specific prerequisites related to the chosen programs may also apply.

Language requirements

Because effective communication is vital, proficiency in the English language is critical to academic success at UM-Dearborn. International students may need to prove their language skills through recognized tests unless they are from English-speaking countries or have previous experience teaching English.

UM-Dearborn’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence, cultural diversity, and personal growth is eloquently expressed through its comprehensive collection of undergraduate scholarships. By navigating the application process, meeting eligibility criteria, and seizing the opportunities offered, international students embark on an educational journey that transcends borders and opens doors to a world of possibilities embraced by the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Official Website:

For more information, please visit the university’s official website: https://umdearborn.edu/financial-aid/types-aid/scholarships/undergraduate-international-students

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